The last new arrival wigs from UniWigs Trendy in 2017

UniWigs Trendy Collection usually special offer new arrival wigs every month, the design philosophy of UniWigs Trendy products is that we believe every girl deserves to own a unique wig to show her charm. This month, we special offer 2 new arrival wigs for the end of 2017. Their name are Siren’s Song and Magical Mermaid:

The colors have warm to cool transition that gives a sort of haunting attraction to this particular wig. Just same as Siren’s Song lures unsuspecting men towards her, the wig is calling to you as well.

Same as all other UniWigs Trendy Wigs, Magical Mermaid was made with heat-friendly synthetic fiber which makes it versatile to style with heating tools.13*3 Lace Front wig cap makes the hair line look more natural. To enhance your look, you can add a braid, curl it or flat iron it super straight.

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