Julie, The UniWigs Newly Designed Hair Topper

At UniWigs, we are offering different styles of hair toppers to ladies who are suffering hair loss or thinning hair problem. Today we would like to introduce another newly designed Hair Topper to you, The Julie Silk Part Hair Topper, which has just been launched last week.

UniWigs Julie Hair Topper, made of 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair, is a Silk Part Hair Piece with the hair length of 16″. Its 6″*7″ Silk Base features a 5″*1.5″ silk part and hand tied back full of holes. The Silk Part, allowing for the versatile and natural parting, can mimic the natural bio hair growth on the scalp. And the Hand Tied Perforated Back can make the whole topper more breathable and light-weighted. Besides, you can also pull your own bio hair through the holes of the back in order to blend seamlessly with your bio hair at the back. With UniWigs Complete Customization Service, you can order this Julie Silk Part Hair Topper with the hair length and color that you prefer.

Due to the Topper’s extraordinary design of Perforated Back, UniWig Julie Silk Part Human Hair Topper can be a the perfect choice for lades who would like to wear the hair topper during the summer time to fix their hair loss problem.

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