Feel Like Kim When Bridgette Wearing Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig

Bridgette Davidson, one of our brand collaborators. She said that she feels like Kim Possible When she was wearing UniWigs Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig.

Bridgette has made lots of wigs review lately, but she feels this one is totally different. It will change the whole look of everyone. She will use this wigs to do more cosplay this summer. Let’s begin her review.

Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig
Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig

When the Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig was taken from the UniWigs beautiful box, Bridgette is surprised with its good quality and it is totally different from the tangled one that she bought from eBay before. The color looks like it is different tones of orange and red to make of this like a beautiful coppery color , which is amazing if also match a coppery eyebrows. This wig is very long stretching her arms up which is exactly what she want. But she suggests to buy a mousse if you want a long period wearing.

This wig is soft and silky and Bridge don’t think it is too shiny down towards the ends. But dry shampoo can be used to fix the shiny in the root if needs. She thought the hairline is very natural and it has sparse parting right here, so she does not have to pluck the part to make it look more realistic, which make her pretty excited. From the inside, there are four clips to secure the wig on her head and she is glad with the clip underneath which is a important one to her. Two bottom straps as well for good adjustments.

she really like the density to the bottom as she was like brushing it out to get ready to try it on. Also she added a little bit concealer in the hair line so just make it look more like a real hair. If you want to be cute, you also can do many hair styles back. Finally, the color, density and length are what she really recommends.

This is all the review from Bridgette Davidson.
Link for this Autumn Twilight Synthetic Wig: https://www.uniwigs.com/trendy-wigs/41920-autumn-twilight-silk-straight.html

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