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People Know I Am Wearing A Wig

When a woman removes the wig explaining to someone she wore wigs, a person said “Oh, I knew it was a wig because it doesn’t look real”. OMG, how sad to have someone said that to her. It seems most of people are afraid of people knowing they are wearing wigs. They are nervous when people talk about their hair. However, today I wanna say tell people “I am wearing a wig, so what?”Always remember you are also beautiful enough although with the bald head.

Inspiration - Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Inspiration – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

A story from Susanne said “I was looking at myself this morning and I thought, “This is beyond wiggy-looking” and ripped it off. I am going to put the other wig on in a minute to go out shopping. My wigs are looking more and more wiglike and I DO care. I know that women I meet on my hikes can tell it’s a wig. I just KNOW this. My friend told me she could see the wefts in the back. She called them “funny lines.” It’s all so frustrating. Plus, it hangs in clumps and doesn’t move even faintly naturally.” So choose a perfect and natural wig are very important. For people who has this high demand of natural looking, we sincerely suggest you to choose the full lace cap or glueless full lace cap, which is no weft on back.

Gabrielle - Remy Human Hair Lace Wig
Gabrielle – Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Some people are just cluelessly insensitive to others. It is quite remarkable really. Emily said “ I spend a fair amount of time trying to put myself into other peoples’ heads and imagine what they might be thinking, but I’m having trouble envisioning what would prompt someone to say something like that unless a) it was a VERY close friend or family member who b) asked for an honest opinion, maybe just of that specific piece, and c) maybe didn’t really need to wear a wig but thought it might be fun. I used to be extremely sensitive to stuff like that, but at this stage of my life I just figure screw ’em. I mean come on, are we supposed to just wear a grocery bag over our heads? Sheesh. “

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