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How to find the right topper for hair loss person?

Your stages of hair loss can determine your final choice, so it is important to understand your stage of hair loss in order to find a solution.

First, determine and measure the area of hair loss. That either can be Part, Crown, Hairline or Throughout.
Measure your loss area from front to back by using a tape and record your results.
Next, measure area side to side and record the results, too.

Make sure to factor clip attachments on base. There must be a sufficient amount of hair to attach clips, too. Also, another option can be using adhesive-in areas with total hair loss. After you have determined the size of the area that needs overage, you can move to choose the base type.

hair topper cap
hair topper cap

There are usually three types of base for hair toppers: Mono, silk top and lace base.
Mono base is allowing a smooth skin base top that resembles your own natural scalp. A mono top mimics the look of natural hair growth and provides hair parting for the greatest versatility in styling.
Silk top is the most realistic scalp the market has to offer today. Perfectly hide the knots and you don’t need to worry about any other techniques to make the knots invisible or less visible.
Lace base is another great choice if you want to ensure the front hairline simulated your own. It is very light weight and breathable which is perfect for hot days!

After you choose your preferred base type, you may feel free to make a decision between synthetic fiber and real human hair as well as length, color and density.

Here’s a little tip for you ladies. The default of hair density is 130%; however, if you’re admiring a fuller, thicker hair, 150% is a better choice for you.

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