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What did we do that cause the hair getting frizzy?

The Frizzy issue is a normal but pain for most of us , when we got the hair topper for the first time , the product is so silky and smooth . but after a few wash , it just getting boom and all the hair gets dry . To deal with the hair loss has been the worst thing we are through .

But where did we do wrong ? and what we can do to make it better ?

Did you ever think that the water you are using is causing its frizzy ?

Do you know that the anti -dandruff shampoo is very easy to get the hair dried ?

Do you know that your every ironing will make it dehydration ?

What did we do that cause the hair getting frizzy
What did we do that cause the hair getting frizzy

No , we dont , no one told me that !

But for the hair has been cut just like a tree without roots . it dying everyday .

And it can not hold the alkaline water so well like the hair on our head . so the water is also a reason that cause our frizzy issue .

And the same for the anti-dandruff shampoo , the alkali in it can prevent the dandruff , but it also take the water away from the hair .

And if you blow dry the topper, just make it even worse .

So what we should do ?
1, change your shampoo for washing the topper or any hair product into nourishing ones or those special for hair product .

2 , we can not change the water , but we can wash it as less as we could .

3 , Dont iron it only if if it is needed .

Wish you can feel yourself again with your great toppers , we will talk about how to parting the topper next time.


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